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One of the astounding services provided by splendid chauffeurs is the sightseeing trip in and around London, giving our clients the opportunity to discover and learn areas of the United Kingdom that you have not had the privilege to see.



StonehengeStonehenge is one of the most popular tourist sites in the United Kingdom. It is located in the English county of Wiltshire; around 8 miles north of Salisbury. The Stonehenge is well-known to the World Heritage Site by UNESCO since 1986.

Archaeologists believe that Stonehenge was, discovered from early fossil markings of rocks and could have been used as a burial ground when it was first erected, they also believe that Stonehenge has been around in what is believed to be an estimate of 5,000- 10000 years ago.

The stones of Stonehenge are large and weighs several tones. Stonehenge has been cloaked in mystery

Details of how such large stones, weighing several tones were places on the vertically standing ones have remained a mystery.

Hyde Park

Hyde park is a historic parkland providing incomparable prospects for pleasure, exploration and healthy living. There is always something for everyone in Hyde Park, from boating in the Serpentine on one of the fleets of rowing and pedal boats, concerts expositions, swimming, public and education projects; it gave birth to modern cinema and has continued to be a popular and preferred film location.

Hyde Park has a specialist horse riding arena and manage, accessible to clients and members of local stables also there is two selected routes for horse riding, the North Ride and South Ride.

There are also summer activities at Hyde park one of which is an extravaganza by Barclaycard. This extravaganza features themed pubs, comedy acts. Live music, food stalls, cafes,

In summer time Barclaycard presents a summer extravaganza featuring, live music, and film, Cafes, bistros and independent food stalls, and cocktail bars.

There are so much to explore and look forward to at Hyde park


There are so much more to explore and look forward to seeing and exploring within an around London.

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