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Wedding Bus Hire - Splendid Chauffeurs

Wedding bus hire is increasingly becoming a predominant choice for couples everywhere.

You want your wedding day to be distinct, and it is not uncommon to be stressed out about all the details, from the flowers to the food and to worrying that most guests may not arrive the venue on time due to issues ranging from poor time management to traffic problems or the driver having difficulty locating the venue.

Transportation-related problems can be solved if you considered a wedding bus hire.

You have a choice to hire a wedding bus to convey you and some of your guests together to the venue, or if you prefer a lot more privacy, you can stick to the classic choice of having your car, just for you and your spouse and then request a wedding bus hire to transport your guests to the venue in style.

Here are a few of the reasons to consider a wedding bus hire for your big day.

  • It’s cost-effective: Hiring buses for your special occasion will always be cheaper than having everyone getting around on their own.
  • It’s exciting and unique

How to Hire a Wedding Bus

Hiring buses for weddings is not a complicated process.

You can contact Splendid Chauffeurs friendly and experienced team on 0208 226 5399 or send an Email to

Splendid Chauffeurs provide buses for wedding hire and also a massive variety of stunning wedding car options.

Have a look at our gallery to see our stunning wedding buses and other wedding car options.