Why You Should Consider a Chauffeured Car Service

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Why You should chose a chauffeured car service - splendid chauffeursTransportation services being compared are private chauffeur driven car hire services, Minicab services and Public transportation like buses and trains.

Here are a few reasons why you should consider a chauffeured car service:

Extensive Knowledge of Local Roads.

It is required for Chauffeurs to have a thorough knowledge of the road. The chauffeur’s vast experience of local roads enables them to get around quicker when others cannot. Local road knowledge is an essential requirement for chauffeurs to have. Cab services depend on on a GPS or sat nav without which, they could get lost. Public transportation like buses, trams and trains take one route to the endpoint of the trip and most of the time, you are required to walk or hire a cab to your final destination


Splendid Chauffeurs are required to clean their cars before they attend to any job. Smoking inside the vehicles is prohibited even when the vehicles are empty of passengers. Taxis often have the previous passengers’ smell and cigarettes which are both unsanitary and may harm the health and well being of subsequent passengers. Bus seats are not left out; they are often full of dust and passengers often leave rubbish behind.


Waiting Time

While it is common for commuters to wait for their taxi, buses or train to arrive, with chauffeur service, the reverse is usually the case because the Splendid  chauffeurs are  mandated to arrive the pick-up venue at least an hour before pick-up time.

With taxicab services, you are usually expected to accept a pick-up time with the service provider and hope that the car driver arrives on time. Public transportation is certainly one of the least reliable of them all. You have never-ending queues of fatigued travellers hurrying to squeeze into the tiniest spaces. Buses also tend to be late.

 Passenger Pickup time

When you book with Splendid Chauffeurs, you get a free 10-45 minutes waiting time with every pick-up. 

This is different from the service you will receive from other popular transportation services like minicabs, train, buses services; where you are the one expected to do the waiting at the required/agreed location on time, or you may miss your bus or train.

most minicab services will charge you a waiting fee should you delay in getting to them at the agreed time.



Splendid chauffeur-driven car, apart from saving you a considerable amount of travel time, allows you the privacy and quiet required to catch up on emails, organise your schedule or prepare for the last-minute presentation. With public transportation, your privacy is greatly compromised by people being loud, jumping in and out of the train/bus  making concentration a nightmare.


Customer Service

The success of any chauffeuring service revolves much around excellent customer services, which includes helping clients with their luggage, being polite and treating them like royalty is an obligation. Most cab drivers are not near as well-mannered with clients, and you may be expected to load/ offload your luggage by yourself.

 While public transportation may have its incentives, there are certain advantages of a chauffeured car hire that public transit will never come close to.

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